Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Studies

Algebra & Vector Geometry

General Calculus (2 terms)
Advanced Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations

Numerical Analysis

General Chemistry
General Physics
Physics Mechanics
Physics Dynamics

Machine Kinematics & Dynamics
Deformable Solid Mechanics (2 terms)
Thermodynamics (2 terms)
Fluid Mechanics (2 terms)
Heat Transfer

Electrical Circuit Analysis
Electrical Power & Machines

Mechanical Design Fundamentals
Machine Tool Analysis
Noise Analysis and Control

Material Structure and Properties
Control of Material Properties

Manufacturing Processes
Design of Manufacturing Systems

Control System Fundamentals
Fluid Power Control Systems
Automation and Robotics
Numerical Control of Machine Tools
Computer Control of Machines/Processes

Structured Programming FORTRAN
Digital Computation Applied Logic
Microprocessors and Digital Logic

General Engineering Practice (2 terms)

Managerial and Engineering Economics

Engineering Experimentation & Reporting

Project Loudspeaker Acoustics (2 terms)

Introductory Psychology
Social Psychology

Introduction to Music Classical
Popular Music and Culture
Computer Applications in Music




Graduate Mechanical Engineering Studies

Simulation and Modelling
Robot Manipulator Dynamics
Advanced Vibration Analysis
Walking Machines (directed study)
Optimal Control Systems
Guidance, Navigation and Control

Thesis Guidance and Control of a Planetary Rover